Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1391 and 22624.1391

Hello Windows Insiders,

Today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1391 and Build 22624.1391 (KB5023011) to the Beta Channel.

UPDATED: Insiders who were previously on Build 22623 will automatically get moved to Build 22624 via an enablement package. The enablement package artificially increments the build number for the update with new features getting rolled out and turned on to make it easier to differentiate from devices with the update with features off by default. This approach is being used for the Beta Channel only and is not indicative of any changes or plans for final feature rollouts.

Insiders who landed in the group with new features turned off by default (Build 22621.xxxx) can check for updates and choose to install the update that will have features rolling out (Build 22624.xxxx).

Off-ramp for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel: Insiders in the Beta Channel who chose the option to unenroll their device under “Stop getting preview builds” under Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program and are currently on Build 22621.1325 or 22623.1325 will NOT receive this update. These Insiders are part of the off-ramp out of the Beta Channel running until March 8th, 2023 as described here in this blog post.

What’s new in Build 22624.1391

Voice access improvements

Redesigned in-app command help page: We have completely renovated the in-app command help page in voice access to make it simpler to use and comprehend. The search bar allows users to quickly find commands and the different categories provide further guidance. Every command now has a description and examples of its variations, making it easier to understand and use.

You can access the command help page from Help > View all commands on the voice access bar or use the voice command “what can I say”.

Please note that the redesigned in-app help page in voice access may not include all commands and the supplementary information may be inaccurate. We plan to update this in future builds. If you want an exhaustive list of Voice Access commands and extra information about them, we recommend you refer Use voice access to control your PC & author text with your voice – Microsoft Support.

Voice access is available in English dialects: We have extended voice access to support other English dialects such as English -UK, English – India, English – New Zealand, English – Canada, English – Australia.

When voice access is turned on for the first time, you will be prompted to download a speech model to enable on-device recognition of voice data. In case voice access does not find a speech model matching your display language, you can still choose to proceed ahead to use voice access in English – US.

You can always switch to a different language by navigating to Settings > Language on the voice access bar.

New text selection & editing commands: We have added some more useful commands to make text selection and editing easier with voice access (see original blog post below for details).

FEEDBACK: Please file feedback in Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Accessibility > Voice Access.

About the Beta Channel

The Beta Channel will be the place we preview experiences that are closer to what we will ship to our general customers. Because the Dev and Beta Channels represent parallel development paths from our engineers, there may be cases where features and experiences show up in the Beta Channel first. However, this does not mean every feature we try out in the Beta Channel will ship. We encourage Insiders to read this blog post that outlines the ways we’ll try things out with Insiders in both the Dev and Beta Channels.

Important Insider Links

Before you update your machine, visit the Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1391 and 22624.1391 | Windows Insider Blog today to view full details on new features, general changes, improvements, known issues and much more!