2017 Global Windows Insider Survey

Hey Windows Insiders!

Here in the Windows Insider Program, we’re in the business of feedback, so of course we’d love to know how we can make all our products & services better (see Samer Sawaya’s post here for how use feedback to make a better Windows). We’re always looking for ways to evolve the Windows Insider Program to provide better service to YOU. We have lots of exciting ideas for 2017 already but we want to make sure to hear from you on what you need before we finalize our plans.

From time to time, a larger form survey helps us take all the feedback we have received and consolidate from global Windows Insiders. We will also use this survey and future surveys to be a metric for how we are doing in satisfying your needs.

If there is something you have been meaning to tell us about the Windows Insider Program or if there’s anything you want to ask for, now is the time.

Over the next week, we’re going to send our global survey to Windows Insiders in 20 languages hosted by our survey vendor SurveyGizmo.com to better understand your global needs.

We’d deeply appreciate if you can take 10-15 minutes to let us know what you think by filling the survey out – you can access the survey via an email to your Insider account.  Keep an eye out for a message from the Insider team for your chance to give even MORE feedback.

Keep hustling,

Dona <3