Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031 for PC

Hello Windows Insiders!

Thank you very much to those of you who joined in on yesterday’s Beam webcast for our Bug Bash! It was a pleasure to hear from so many familiar names in real time. We loved talking with you all and definitely want to do so more often. We will vary the times so that we can hit various regions around the world!

Are you a Windows Developer? Today is Windows Developer Day! Check out our livestream from 9am-1pm PST, which outlines what’s new for developers in the Windows 10 Creators Update. Whether you’re building for the web or UWP, the latest consumer app or line of business tool, there’s something in it for you. Tomorrow will be our “Developer focus” day for the Bug Bash, so tune in today to learn what’s new, and get ready to bash on it!  We’ll have a new set of Developer-focused quests ready for you in the Feedback Hub tomorrow.

Today we are excited to be releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

What’s new in Build 15031

Do more at once with the new Compact Overlay window: Ever want to continue watching a movie while switching app to check your email? Or keep an eye on your video chat even as you’re browsing the web? We do all the time! Some tasks don’t require the user’s full attention but is perfect to leave at the corner of the screen so we’re introducing a new compact overlay mode for UWA app developers. When an app window enters compact overlay mode it’ll be shown above other windows so it won’t get blocked. The best part is that compact overlay windows work just like normal windows in all other ways so app developers can tailor the experience with what they already know. Updates to the Movies & TV app and Skype Preview app will take advantage of compact overlay windows in the near future!

Picture-in-Picture in Windows 10.

Introducing Dynamic Lock: Dynamic Lock automatically locks your Windows 10 PC when you’re not around based the proximity of a Bluetooth-paired phone. If your Bluetooth-paired phone is not found near your PC, Windows turns off the screen and locks the PC after 30 seconds. To enable Dynamic Lock, make sure your phone is paired to your PC via Bluetooth and go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and toggle Dynamic lock to “on”.

Dynamic Lock

NOTE: See known issues below regarding a bug preventing PCs on this build from successfully pairing devices via Bluetooth.  

New Share icon: We’re introducing a new share icon. Apps that used the “share” font glyph in Segoe MDL2 assets should get the change automatically. You can read more about the change here.

New Share icon.

Windows Game Bar improved full-screen support: We got a ton of feedback on Game Bar and we are continually adding more titles with this support. In this build, we’ve added support for 52 additional games in full-screen mode with Windows game bar. As always, just hit WIN + G to invoke Game Bar to capture a recording or screenshot.

Tip: You can control this feature through the Windows Game bar settings. In the settings dialog, look for the “Show Game bar when I play full-screen games” checkbox. See Major Nelson’s post on Game bar for more info on how to adjust settings for best game performance.

Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

Known issues for PC

Community Updates

Last week our team traveled to Nairobi, Kenya to launch the second #Insiders4Good fellowship in East Africa. The response to our announcement was tremendous and the Windows Insider Program was talked about in 11 sessions, interviews, press events and panels across the two days. You all are famous!

We continue to learn about the more developing parts of the world and today, we are celebrating Nigeria Day, a day to reflect upon our learnings from and investments in our time spent in Africa. We have invited the entire Windows org to come and bug bash on our 2G network using some standard quests (install Windows, join the Windows Insider Program, set up your machine, etc.) so our team can develop more empathy for what most of the world experiences quite often. We will have a full recap of our experience next week!

Happy bug bashing—and see you on the next Beam live stream on Saturday 7-9 pm PST.

Keep hustling team,
Dona <3