Welcome to the Cortana and REACHit beta!

By installing REACHit on your Windows 10 device, Cortana becomes even more personal.  REACHit enables Cortana to know about your stuff even if it resides on other Windows 10 devices or 3rd party services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Exchange or Gmail.  It also enables contextual search.

Here's what you need to know to get started: 

  1. You'll have to be in the US and running Windows 10 on a PC or Tablet 
  2. You'll need to have Cortana already enabled and setup 
  3. Download, install and setup instructions/videos are available from: http://invite.cortanareachit.com/ 
  4. Your feedback is essential.  Feedback submission details are below 
  5. Wait several hours before trying it out.  Cortana and REACHit needs to index content, so if you can't get search results immediately, try it out again a few hours later, or the next day.

What do we need you to do with the Cortana and REACHit Beta?

  1. Enable different content sources, and actually use the device on a daily basis.  For the Beta to have value, we need users doing things with files, sending / receiving emails, taking the device to different places, etc.  If you install the Beta on a device and only use it sporadically, it will be far less valuable to you and the project team. Ideally, you’ll be using this on your primary work device.  So carve out a little time to have fun, chat with Cortana, and use REACHit to find your stuff.  To realize the full benefit of this integration, you need to enable different content sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Exchange mail, and your calendars as well as location awareness.  You can do this in the REACHit settings, and the invite page contains a how-to video to make it simple.  By enabling these things, Cortana and REACHit can help you find more of your stuff, using contextual clues like where you were or who you were with.
  2. When you want to find your stuff, ask Cortana.  Even if you know where things are, ask her.  When you ask Cortana, ask her in a conversational way.  For example – you want to find a budget spreadsheet you worked on last week.  Don’t search for “budget spreadsheet”.  Tell Cortana “Find the budget spreadsheet I worked on last week.”

Examples of queries you can submit include:

    • Find the email I sent Kate last week
    • Find the email Kate sent me last Monday
    • Where is the presentation I showed Mark?
    • Find the Cynthia spreadsheet on Dropbox
    • Find the Cynthia spreadsheet on this PC
    • Find my tax files on Dropbox
    • Find email Jeff sent me on Monday
    • Find the MATLAB file I worked on yesterday
    • Find the presentation I worked on at Starbucks
    • Where are the files I worked on at Bull City Gymnastics?

Some of your queries may not produce the results you want.  This is expected at this stage – the Natural Language Understanding engine is young, and needs to be trained (that’s part of what you’re helping us to do).  But keep asking!  The more you use this, the better Cortana and REACHit will be.

Example of this working on a Windows 10 insider build:

3.   Provide feedback.  We want to hear from you.  We’ll get some metrics from the apps themselves, but we want to hear from you on how it’s going.  Something didn’t work right?  Have a suggestion for a feature or improvement?  Let us know.  You can do this by using the feedback link within Cortana or using the Windows Feedback app.  Make sure you mention REACHit in your feedback, so we know it’s related to this beta.

If you need to uninstall REACHit you can do so from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.