Windows 10 Team Profile - Anthony Kinsey

Anthony Kinsey (@AKinseyMSFT)

Title: Program Manager for the WDG (Windows & Devices Group) Community Champions 

What is the one word that describes how you work? Nomadically

How many years have you been at Microsoft: 4.5 years

Describe your role with Microsoft and the Windows Insider Program:

I drive the WDG Community Champions which is a virtual team of "champions", from Engineering teams across the Windows & Devices Group, who are focused on listening and responding to feedback from Insiders, as well as helping their teams understand and act on that feedback.  We want to show Insiders we're listening and help them understand the impact their feedback has on Windows, so you can expect to hear a lot more from the Community Champs.

What technologies do you work on?

At Microsoft, we have a vast array of tools, some that various teams have built and are continuing to build, but sometimes it can be a challenge to understand the various tools that are available and when to use them.

That's where I come in;  I've met with members of almost every team in the Windows & Devices Group, and I work with them to ensure that our latest tools for analyzing feedback are meeting their needs.  I then work closely with our Windows Feedback app team, other tools teams, and the teams responsible for our flighting infrastructure, to ensure we're building the right capabilities and investing in the right areas.

You can see some examples of the tools we have available internally for analyzing feedback and how we use them, in this blog post.

What’s your favorite feature on Windows 10?

My favorite feature is actually the blazing fast performance of Windows 10.  Did you know Windows 10 boots faster, takes up less disk space when installed, and uses less memory when running, compared to Windows 7 or 8 -- even on old machines -- that's amazing!

What’s your favorite app?

I really love the new Outlook app on Windows 10 Mobile.  As someone who's constantly on the move, being able to quickly swipe through new mails and do some quick rich text editing when needed, has been extremely helpful.

Describe one of your favorite experiences with the Insider community: 

I was lucky enough to be able to go out to support one of our Windows 10 launch events last July.  It was my first time traveling for business so I was nervous, but the Insiders I met and hung out with on the trip were all incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Windows, and interesting to talk to, which made the experience one to remember.

With gadget can't you live without (besides your PC or Phone)?

Does a car count as a gadget?  I'm an electric car enthusiast, and I just crossed 30,000 gas-free miles on my electric car! 

What is your current work setup? 

I've got a pretty standard work setup with an HP workstation with mid-range specs, a couple 24" monitors, and a Kinect v2 so I can use Windows Hello to log-in.  When I'm not at my desk, I'm running a beefed up Lenovo Thinkpad x220 tablet/laptop -- the keyboard on Thinkpads still can't be beat.

What is your twitter or social media they can be reached at?


What do you like about life on campus? 

As I mentioned, I'm an electric car enthusiast, so I'm very proud of the Microsoft campus for being one of the most electric vehicle-friendly workplaces in the world.

What is your favorite food or restaurant?

I can eat sushi and Pho for days… Yum!

What do you do outside of work? 

I have two daughters who are 4 and 2 years old, so once I leave work, it's "daddy time"! :)

What is your favorite tip for Windows? 

I like to let people know about some of the keyboard shortcuts that are out there:  WIN + ? to launch the Feedback app, WIN + I to launch Settings, WIN + E for file explorer, WIN + X for the power user menu.

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