Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14965 for Mobile and PC

Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are excited to be releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14965 for Mobile and PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

Language Packs for PC have been slightly delayed for this build. For those of you with Language Packs installed, we recommend holding off checking for updates and taking this build until the Language Packs are published. We expect these to be fully published in a few hours. 

What’s new in Build 14965

Controlling external monitors from tablets just got easier (PC): You can now drive content on a second display from your tablet without ever having to attach a mouse. The virtual touchpad lets you do more with a tablet and a second screen – just connect to another monitor, PC, or TV, go to Action Center and tap on the “Project” Quick Action to extend your screen. Use it just like you would a physical touchpad to control content on the connected screen. To enable it, press and hold on the taskbar and select “Show touchpad button”. A touchpad icon will now appear in the notification area (just like Windows Ink Workspace does), and tapping on it will bring it up the virtual touchpad.

You’ve seen the work we’ve been doing for precision touchpad customization with the last few builds, and the virtual touchpad is no exception. While the virtual touchpad is open, go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad and you’ll be able to tweak the touchpad settings to your preferences.

Sticky Notes update (PC): Windows Insiders in the Fast ring will receive will receive Sticky Notes app update to version today and we’re very excited to share what it includes!

If Insights in Sticky Notes isn’t turned on automatically for you, tap “…” > Settings gear > “Enable insights”. Note: The language and region used to detect Insights in Sticky Notes is based off of the active keyboard. We’re currently investigating some issues where Insights may not show up as expected if you switch keyboards while typing in Sticky Notes.

We’re been making a bunch of improvements based on your feedback, and have more to come, so let us know what you’d like to see next! In recent versions of Sticky Notes, we’ve added support for many of your favorite keyboard shortcuts, including CTRL + B (bold), CTRL + I (italic), CTRL + N (new note) and CTRL + D (delete note), added a new context menu for easy copy/paste, reduced the minimum note size for typists, as well as generally improved our reliability and performance.

Windows Ink Workspace Improvements (PC): This build includes a number of improvements to the Windows Ink Workspace.

Enhancing the Address Bar in Registry Editor (PC): We were really excited to hear how excited you were about the new address bar in Registry Editor, and based on your feedback, we've already incorporated two new features:

  1. You can now use CTRL + L to set focus to the address bar - while we already supported ALT + D, we recognize that some people prefer this keyboard shortcut instead, so now you have the option to use either one
  2. You can now use shorthand notation for HKEY names - you told us that when sharing registry paths you always use shorthand notation (HKCU) instead of typing out the full HKEY name (i.e. HKEY_CURRENT_USER), so we should support them in the address bar, and you know what? We agree! You can now just use “HKCR”, “HKCU”, “HKLM”, and “HKU” instead of typing or pasting the respective full name “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT”, “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”, “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, or “HKEY_USERS” into the address bar.

Improving Your Hyper-V VM experience (PC): Following the new VM scaling options mentioned in last week’s build, we’ve fixed an issue where depending on the zoom level selected, the VM window might not be created large enough to avoid scrollbars, despite their being enough space for it. We also updated the logic so that when you pick a particular zoom level, that zoom level preference will be preserved for the next VM connection. Along the way, we fixed an issue where the title bar of a maximized VM window would be occluded when taskbar had been set to on top.

Other improvements and fixes for PC

Other improvements and fixes for Mobile

November 2016 Bug Bash Update

This week we kicked off our internal Bug Bash and are including Windows Insiders, which will run through Sunday November 13th. Everything you need to know about how to get started with the Bug Bash can be found in the Feedback Hub article here. This build can be used for the Bug Bash. We wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU for participating in the Bug Bash alongside us and providing great feedback. Engineering teams are actively going through your feedback, understanding the issues, prioritizing, and then determining what next to do. Your feedback counts and goes a long way in helping shape Windows 10 as we make important engineering decisions! If you have feedback on how the November 2016 Bug Bash is going for you, let us know.

We will be live streaming Bug Bush Quests at this weekend if you want to join us in completing Quests together. We will be online Saturday November 12th from 1-3PM PST (21:00 UTC).

Team Updates

How are you all enjoying the Bug Bash this week? One of my favorite things to do during these is to use or build a tech that I am not as familiar with so that I am a.) using the product in a different way and b). learning something new. This week, I am investing some deeper IoT learnings. A few weeks ago at Ignite NZ, I attended a session on Smart Cities made with IoT. Of course, this was a fascinating talk about how using the cloud, automation, sensors and data, we are able to build far more energy-efficient, safer, more connected buildings. I’ve been continuing my investigating of Smart Cities and have loved learning more about our partner company AvePoint’s Smart City app that they demoed at Worldwide Partner Conference in July, but unveiled just recently as a trial called Try Citizen Services (a Windows 10 app) and the fastest/easiest way to demo/trial AvePoint Citizen Services. I found this to be a really cool self-guided, click-through demo of the solution.

A lot more about this can be found available on AppSource. I plan to do an experiment with Azure IoT and Windows 10 to see if I can “smartly” build up my neighborhood in Seattle!

The MVP Summit kicked off earlier this week in Redmond. I had a blast getting to meet many Windows Insiders at the MS Dev Show meetup where I talked about future-tech and innovation.

Bill Karagounis, Jeremiah Marble and I also did session on CoCreating for our Community and Inside the Windows Insider Program which resulted in quite a lively discussion with our Insiders! Slides can be found here.

And on a more personal note, congrats to Windows Insider Michael Gillett and Aimee Hardwick both of who I had the pleasure of meeting last Saturday night. They just got engaged on top of the Space Needle during the MVP Summit!


Thank you everyone and keep hustling,
Dona <3