Tips for troubleshooting black screens and providing great feedback

In 19H1 we put significant work into our black screen diagnosis and troubleshooting tools and we’d love your help exercising the new bits to validate our diagnostic tools and to find and resolve black screen bugs.

Next time you encounter a black screen, press the dedicated black screen hotkey: Ctrl + Win + Shift + B.

This will collect diagnostic data and report the issue through Watson (helps us identify and root cause black screen issues). This also performs a display mode reset which can often help recover from the issue without requiring a reboot.

If you were able to recover from the black screen, or use another machine, we’d love to hear more through the feedback app.

Filing UIF through the Feedback App

There’s now a dedicated Black Screen category in the feedback app, under Display and Graphics > Black Screen. (hotkey pro tip: Win+F will launch the Feedback Hub)

When sending feedback for a black screen issue, please answer the following questions in the description field:

1. Were you able to recover from the black screen (using the ctrl+win+shift+B hotkey or via a long power button press reboot)?

2. Were all of your attached screens black or just some of them?

3. Were you able to see any non-black pixels, like the mouse cursor?

4. What was happening before you encountered the black screen?

a. Waking the system from sleep/idle?

b. Booting the system from hibernate or a cold boot?

c. During normal system usage? If so, describe the apps in use and scenario before the black screen.

d. Did the black screen occur right after an OS or graphics driver upgrade?

e. Did the black screen occur before or after logging in to Windows?

f. If the black screen was seen before login, did you see the boot logo/animation?

g. While experiencing the black screen, does pressing the Win+P hotkey show any content on the display? (You can also try either Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

Thank you for helping us find and fix black screens!