Windows 10 Team Profile - Jason Howard

Windows 10 Team Profile

To give you even more insight into Windows 10, we’d like to introduce you to some of the people on our team and how they support the platform – and Windows Insiders like you. We’ll feature team profiles on an ongoing basis here in the Hub.

Jason Howard

Program Manager, Windows Insider Support

What is the one word that describes how you work: Enthusiastically

How many years at Microsoft: Just shy of 4 years

Where did you grow up?: I grew up in the Southern US down on the Gulf Coast. Moved around a bit before landing in Seattle. I've been here for 7 years and counting.

Describe your role with Microsoft and the Windows Insider Program

Lots of people know me as the "Insider Support Guy". I spend a great deal of time on Twitter and on the Answers forum looking for feedback and issues being reported. Additionally, I'm working on a process to streamline issue intake so it's easier to follow-up with Insiders after they've shared information with Microsoft.

What technologies do you work on?

That's the beauty of the Insider program, I get to dabble in just about all aspects of Windows. While I'm not a developer/programmer, I'm fortunate to see much of what happens behind the scenes.

What’s your favorite feature on Windows 10?

I absolutely love the new search functionality. Makes it so much easier to find settings and apps with a few keystrokes. I also happen to be a fan of the Start menu, so I'm glad to see it back in action. :)

What’s your favorite app?

I'm a phone guy at heart, so I'd have to say Amazing Weather HD. With the rain and crazy weather here in Seattle, it's always helpful to know what to expect. This app is easy on device resources, has a rich data set of weather information, and provides an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Describe one of your favorite experiences with the Insider community

The Gabe Aul memes. They're hilarious. It's always fun to see what Insiders come up with. I have to admit though that picking one experience is difficult, especially given how much fun this program is. Speaking a bit more broadly, it's exciting to find bugs and watch them get fixed. Nobody likes bugs of course, but that's part of the development process. Insiders have played a huge role in guiding the current state of Win10, and that will continue into the future.

Without your phone or computer, what gadgets can't you live without and why?

Are tools considered gadgets? I have a passion for working on cars and spend a lot of time with tools in my hands, doing everything from basic maintenance to performance improvements. Next up on my project car is a camshaft and head swap!

What is your current work setup?

I'm running a Lenovo Carbon X1 Touch laptop, and have more Windows Phones than I can count.

What is your twitter or social media you can be reached at?

I am @northfacehiker on Twitter.

“Insiders have played a huge role in guiding the current state of Win10, and that will continue into the future.”

What is your favorite thing in Microsoft Kitchen?

Teriyaki Tuesdays in the café. Spicy of course!

What is your most memorable moment at Microsoft?

Traveling to China. In a previous role I was a support manager working with various OEMs for Windows Phone. It's an amazing experience to see other cultures, travel, and work with partners who have passion for what they do. The experience has heavily influenced how I interact with Insiders from around the globe.

What is your favorite food or restaurant?

Seafood. I can eat an embarrassingly large quantity of shrimp.

What is your favorite book or book you are currently reading?

"The Stranger" by Albert Camus. It was one of the first books that had a deep impact on me. I still owe one of my college professors a debt of gratitude for introducing me to it. Thanks Ms. Murthy!

What do you do outside of work?

Whenever possible you'll find me in the woods camping and exploring. I'm also a big fan of attending the Seattle Symphony, and of music in general.

What is your favorite tip for Windows?

Probably not a surprise here, but keep the Feedback app on speed dial! The information shared is a huge help in getting the right attention to bugs that need to be fixed and features that users want to see. And as feedback, we've heard Insiders and are investigating ways to close the loop when we take action on feedback that has been submitted. Feedback on feedback!