Windows 10 Anniversary Update April 2016 Bug Bash progress update - Weekend Edition

THANK YOU again for your help with Bug Bash.  We wanted to share with you the next round of progress update.  We received feedback that many of you would like more time to do the LIMITED TIME Quests before they expired so by popular demand, we are bringing ALL Bug Bash Quests back in Feedback Hub for the weekend.  You can view these till Sunday May 1st 11:59pm PST.

We are also looking for all types of feedback during the Bug Bash, even outside of Quests. Try out things you normally would do on Windows 10, explore new areas, or even get a family member to help out. Playing Quantum Break or Minecraft on Windows 10 Insider Preview builds using your favorite controller to report any issues you see such as graphics tearing, sleep\resuming issues mid-game, or just general suggestions all count towards the Bug Bash.

If you have feedback on the Bug Bash or ideas on how to make it better, leave feedback in the Bug Bash Feedback Hub feedback

Keep the feedback coming and thank you for your contribution in making Windows 10 better!

Windows Insider Engineering Team