Ignite 2018 Insider Recap

Jason with one of our Windows Insiders scarves we were handing out to Ignite attendees who visit our booth.

We just returned from #MSIgnite in Orlando, one of our biggest events with around 30K attendees.  Our team absolutely loves to get on planes and meet our community in-person so being able to meet thousands of Insiders in person was a dream come true.

This year, we decided to try something different and invite two Insiders to be our special guests to speak on stage with us and participate in all of our events.

Eddie (Left) & Paul (Right).

Eddie (Left) & Paul (Right).

We have worked with these two wonderful humans for over two years to co-create our WIP4Biz program and many aspects of WIP. It was an honor to have them on stage to introduce the work they have shaped so much of. They were both *brilliant* throughout the conference at hero-making both their own organizations and the Insider program. They both ran around and hustled many other organizations to adopt the WIP4Biz lifestyle.

This year, also for the first time we hosted a booth alongside the #OfficeInsiders team…in our very own Microsoft Insiders section. It was wonderful to meet so many Insiders across both programs and hear about their passion for digital transformation in their organization.

Attendees at Ignite 2018 visit the Windows Insider and Office Insider booths.

What’s a conference without sessions! This year was an all-time high with FIVE sessions delivered by our team:

Dona leads a Diversity in Tech session at Ignite with guests Raji Rajagopalan and Brandon LeBlanc.

We also hosted a webcast featuring some special guests and our Insiders.

Dona leads a Q&A with Windows and Office leaders from Microsoft.

Our major announcements were all recorded and can be found here:

  1. SCCMnow supports Insider rings—thank you for your feedback!
  2. Docs are Open Source  – you’ve said you don’t just want to READ our documentation—you want to have a hand in co-creating it, so let’s do it!
  3. Ignite: THE TOUR – if you missed us at Ignite, you can find us on the road in 17 cities starting December.
  4. We want to hero-make YOU. If you’ve got a great story of Windows and Office Insidering in your organization, please let us know. We’re excited to come visit you and showcase you and your business on stage at next year’s Ignite.

Oh… and in between all that, we even managed to release a new build from Ignite too!

Jason, Brandon and Jen prepare to flight!