Windows 10 Team Profile - Savitha Quadros

Savitha Quadros

Title: Senior Program Manager in Engineering Systems team

What is the one word that describes how you work? Magic!

How many years at Microsoft: 10+

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Bangalore, now the silicon city of India.

Describe your role with Microsoft and the Windows Insider Program:

 I am on the Central Release team driving projects for Build Readiness – ensuring it’s secure, knowing what’s new or updated, and defining the key Build components required for external releases.

What technologies do you work on?

Office, SharePoint, VSO, Visio – tools that are built using these technologies mostly.  

What’s your favorite feature on Windows 10?

Integrated Search, seamless upgrades and I love Cortana!

What’s your favorite app?

Netflix, xbox app, waze, Crocs World, Exploration Lite, Minecraft, Craftworld, and Angry Birds Starwars

With gadget can't you live without your PC or Phone?

Umm let’s see.. Love to read, watch movies and cook/bake.  So, Kindle, our projector and cooking gadgets.  See some of my amateur creations.

What is your current work setup?

I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon.  I love it for how light and easy it is to carry – as I go from meeting to meeting.  I don’t really like the touchpad, though, and prefer to use an external mouse.

What is your twitter or social media they can be reached at?


How do you start your day?

Usually by getting out of bed to the bright, shiny and smiley (NOT) faces of my kids.  And, then making and packing breakfast and lunches.

What is your favorite thing in Microsoft Kitchen?

Umm.. The Coffee Machine?  I also love the surprise free food I run into occasionally.

What do you like about life on campus?  

The flexibility – we come and go as we like – which is really important to promote good work-life balance choices.

What is your most memorable moment at Microsoft?

The day I joined the Windows (Phone) Engineering Team.  It was my dream to join the Windows Team and when that came true, I couldn’t contain my joy.  This group has not let me down – in how smart the people are around me, how exciting it is to work amongst them and learn something new, every day.

What is your favorite book or book you are currently reading?

Contact, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter Series

What do you do outside of work?

Try not to get too spell-bound by these two wizards.


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